In March 2018 Dr Ahmed Hussain asked SZ a question. What would a classroom that supports independent learning look like?

Independent learning means that children are not taught didactically by a teacher standing at the front of the class. Instead the teacher sits in the middle acting more like a consultant as the children investigate topics through projects of their own choosing.

The children then work independently or with others, like a work environment. They are provided with a range of spaces where they can collaborate, concentrate or socialise. They can also meet around the central teachers table that can provide a Harkness session.

We designed this space to experiment with this idea. We also included the principle of good wellbeing design allowing plenty of light, inspiration, openness and natural elements.

We are building a prototype space in 2020 at Wellington College China Shanghai Internationals teacher training centre so it’s efficacy can be assessed.

The idea of this type of environment could be the future of learning. The impact of AI and many other technologies on the work force of the future means we need children who cannot just pass exams but can think, analyse, collaborate challenge and be social. This type of educational approach and environment could equip the children for this future.

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