50 metres above Bangkok sits Open House, a sprawling, collective space for bookworms, creators, students, art lovers, freelancers, children and just about anyone else you can imagine.

Designed by Klein Dytham Architecture, the walls of the double-height space are lined with books, while sky lights and floor to ceiling windows bathe it in light. Complementing hues of considerately chosen timber sit beneath hand-painted leaf murals on the ceilings, and mirrored panels elongate the space even further.

While the design is certainly spectacular, the multi-faceted use of the space is equally as creative. Open House is home to fourteen restaurants and bars, a book shop, an art gallery, a children’s area, a cinema and co-working spaces.

While many of us might be lucky to get an hour out of a trip to a coffee shop before we feel guilty, Open House invites you to take in some art in the afternoon, catch a film and then meet friends for dinner. You can while away the hours by the bookshelves or just hang out on the sofas.

Open House is a cultural hub, it encourages community, it promotes simply hanging out and, significantly, it’s flexible, echoing the notion of the modern ‘sticky campus’. Could its concept and success be translated for the modern campus?

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